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The following items are currently for sale. Except where marked, prices are exclusive of shipping/postage.

Chivers Gilpin Caboose - 1/48 scale, 16.5mm On30 gauge

Three off kits for On30 Gilpin 2-foot gauge cabooses (cabeese?). Injection moulded plastic including Australian non-magnetic wheelsets for the trucks. One kit is started and has been assembled to the point where underframe and trucks are together. There are also two sets of Grandt Colorado and Southern pot bellied stoves for the interior, and matching pawls, ratchets and brake wheels for the ends of these cars. I will throw these in free with the first two kits bought. Chivers' website currently lists these kits at £22 each plus postage, and the Grandt line parts are probably another 4 squids-worth on their own, so please do do the math before thinking that I am out to rip people off.

Price - £20 each (inc. 2nd class UK postage)

Armortek 25 Pdr gun

26 Pdr gun by Armortek

As seen at Tankmod 2015. Approx. 24 inches long. Details as elsewhere on this website and also upon the Armortek forums. Unpainted, ready for you to add Armorpax (or other) details and paint, or else for use as a display item 'as-is'. Specification over and above the standard kit build includes -

Detent retention for breech in closed and open positions
2mm steel dowelled trail, slew mount and breech cheek pieces
Smooth operatiion of slew and elevation features
Pivoting sight shield clear of inner shield so that paint finish is not scraped off when swung open
Pivoting trail hitch
Sight adjustable for gun tilt
All visible surfaces hand scraped/finished to minimise any residual manufacturing machining marks
Firing and targeting ring strakes ready-drilled M2.5 for transport securing hooks, should you wish to add these
Lubrication provision for trunnion bearings and elevation worm gearbox

Supplied complete with the factory set of tools, equipment bags and crates. The muzzle brake is not fixed at present, in case the buyer wishes the model to represent a pre-1942 version of the weapon.

Price - £1,850 ex. shipping

I can also finish the 25 Pdr in the regimental markings of your choice and the colour scheme of a particular theatre or period. Please contact me for an estimate for this additional work.


How to Buy

Payment can be made by cheque, direct bank transfer or - where marked - by paypal. Just send me an email regarding the item you are interested, and I will either issue a formal invoice in the case of larger-value items, or else send you a Paypal payment request.