Pricing Guide


I have put together this page to give people an idea as to my charges.
The amounts I have given here are ball-park figures, not 'list prices' as such, so please contact me for an individual estimate.

Model Railway Locomotives

Here, my build-only charges for assembling a typical steam-outline locomotive kit now
start at between £1,200 to £1,850.

To this you would need to add the cost of the kit, and any extras such as wheels, motor, gears, transfers/decals, couplings, lost-wax detail castings, and postage/shipping.

I am prepared to consider scratchbuilds, but because of the open-ended nature of these things, any work here would have to be at an hourly rate and upon a pay-as-you-go basis. Very much as when funding a classic car restoration project, in fact.

Pershing Walschaerts valve gear

My recent experience is that even a basic kit,
by the time it is painted and track tested,.will take around 90 to 130 hours to complete,  This total will include making up any additional components needed, so as to replace any poorly designed or substandard parts that I encounter along the way.

Gauge does not seem to make much difference to my build times. There are about the same number of individual components in an electrically-driven model, whether it is built to OO/HO, Gauge O or Gauge 1. Indeed, 9mm narrow gauge, can start to approach something akin to watch-making, where time will pass, with very little seemingly having been accomplished at the end of a session at the workbench.

A larger scale model may have more detail to be added
separately, but often this is invisible at normal viewing distances. Working inside valve gear on a British prototype locomotive might seem a nice thing to have, but it would add anything from £375 upwards to a build price. And when you last looked at the real thing - whether from lineside or standing on the platform - be honest with yourself, did you really notice all those links and sheaves bobbing up and down between the frames?

Large Scale Armour

With large-scale fighting vehicles, a lot depends on the type of suspension, and how much dismantling will be needed when it comes to painting. Unlike injection moulded plastic, metal kits will require a degree of traditional hand bench fitting skills, both to ensure minimal gaps between hull and armour plating, and also when building up the drive train and track system.

The Armortek 25 Pdr, for instance takes about 100-120 hours to progress to the point where it is ready for paint, which as a guide, would equate to a build-only price from me of around the £1,200 mark. Before dismissing this as excessive, just take a look at some of the galleries on this site, to see just what this level of investment in your model will bring you.

Moving on to a running R/C model, my build-only charge for something like an Armourtek Tiger 1, would lie
between £3,880 to £5,350,  depending on colour scheme and level of detailing. Moving down the scale(s) to 1/16th, a Tamiya Sherman full option kit would probably work out at around the £800 to £1,200 mark. Again, that's build-only. There are people out there who claim to be able to assemble these for £300 to £400, but if I have to put my name to it, I'd rather you got something with all the injection moulding 'pins' filed smooth, the drive train fettled to run like a Swiss watch, and all the plastic bits that might break off in a trundle around the garden Bocage replaced in metal....

Tiger 1 rear Image courtesy of Armortek

Obviously, all this is in addition to the cost of the basic kit, R/C options, batteries, paint, decals, additional detail parts requested by the customer and delivery/shipping charges.

If heavy modifications are needed to reperesent a specific model varient  -  e.g. removal of material from the main armament mantlet, or the turning up of a new gun barrell - then the cost would of course be greater. Please note that I would in most instances be making any custom replacement parts in-house from brass or steel, rather than resin or white metal.

I am however more than happy to quote to for the supply of a rolling, functionally-complete but unpainted tank or soft-skin, for you to then paint and add your own individual detail components.

Shipping. Postage and Carriage

I do ship models internationally. In the case of the larger AFV models, these may need to be specially crated and handled, due to their weight. If you have a preferred courier I am happy to deal with them at this end.